The e-VLBI Workshop Series

For the past handful of years, there has been an annual meeting focusing on e-VLBI. The formal title has evolved into "the Nth International e-VLBI Workshop." The meeting is sponsored by a different organization each year, with the host coming from a different continent than the previous year. The cycle has been: United States, Europe, Asia, Australia.

e-VLBI Workshop
8-9 April 2002
MIT Haystack Observatory, Westford, MA USA
2nd e-VLBI Workshop
15-16 May 2003
Dwingeloo, Netherlands
3rd e-VLBI Workshop
October 6-7, 2004
Makuhari, Japan
4th eVLBI Workshop
12-14 July 2005
Sydney, Australia
5th International e-VLBI Workshop
17-20 September 2006
MIT Haystack Observatory
Westford, MA USA
6th International e-VLBI Workshop
Bonn, Germany
September 17-18, 2007
7th International e-VLBI Workshop
16-17 May 2008
Shanghai, China
Science and Technology of Long Baseline Real-Time Interferometry: The 8th International e-VLBI Workshop
22-26 June 2009
Madrid, Spain
e-VLBI and the Path to the Square Kilometre Array: 9th International e-VLBI Workshop
18-20 October, 2010
Perth, Australia
Towards Global Real-Time e-VLBI: the 10th International e-VLBI Workshop
14-15 November, 2011
Amanzingwe Conference Centre, Broederstrom, NW Province, South Africa

International VLBI Technology Workshop Series